ABOUT USOrganization goal

To assist the equal participation of poor and vulnerable part of society in all spheres of social and private life;
To ensure social protection for vulnerable rural women-headed households;
To ensure food security for vulnerable rural households;
To raise the social and legal status of women in society and protect the rights of children.


    Public Organization “Saodat” covers Spitamen, Ganchi, Asht, Kanibadam, Matcha, B. Gafurov districts and Khujand city of Sogd region of Tajikistan Republic and some areas of Khatlon region.

Target groups of PA "Saodat":

rural women;
vulnerable female-headed households;
children from large and vulnerable families, especially girls;
children in conflict.

Organization achieves its goals through:

Provision of timely and necessary support to vulnerable families in order to give opportunity to become economically independent and self reliant.
Improvement the quality and conditions of education for rural children.
Protection and lobbying the interests of the poor.

Mission of the organization

To assist in development of women and their families through protection of their political, economical, social and cultural rights and liberty.

Organizational objectives:

Strengthening the abilities and creating opportunities for vulnerable women to participate in development processes.

Providing conditions for rural women to exercise their rights.

Strengthening the capacity of women's communities in resolving legal issues.

Advancement of women interests at various levels of management using an advocacy company.

Increasing the level of self-awareness of women in society and development of their leadership qualities.

Providing of access of rural women to resources.

To assist in development of entrepreneurship on village.

Providing the villagers with food security.

Promotion the idea of organic farming.

Ensuring access to justice and the rule of law.

Ensuring sustainable land management.